Libertos, a mark in the nightlife of Albufeira

  • About

    Libertos club: a reference in the nightlife of Albufeira since 1985.

    • History

    From a Piano-Bar to the hottest bar in the Algarve.

    Bars in Portugal appeared in Albufeira, and Libertos Club was the pioneer!

    Designed out of a Villa, the then called "Libertos Bar" began as an innovative and elegant Piano-Bar, equipped with a central fireplace, a privileged terrace and even a swimming pool! However, early on, the concept evolved into a Disco-Bar. Inspired by the sexy and relaxed nocturnal culture of Ibiza, Libertos Club was created in a time dominated by bars and most of all, the Discotheques. It's in this scene that the first Disco-Bar in Portugal is born, creating a trend that is nowadays, more fashionable than ever.

    The, already, bold vision of Grupo Liberto Mealha, raised the concept of a bar to a new dimension, providing truly unforgettable nights. It is currently a visiting card of the city of Albufeira, and a reference in its nightlife!

    • Concept

    Animation, glamour and well-being.

    Situated at the beginning of the electrifying "Oura Strip", Libertos Club was the first bar to open doors. Liberto's Club has been creating trends in the nightlife of Albufeira scene since its creation more than 27 years ago. Our mission is to provide fun nights in a distinctive and unparalleled ambience! From the personalized service of our staff to our exclusive drinks, through the more newsworthy events, as well as for the modernity of our space, we strive to provide the highest quality to meet the demands of those who visit us.

    Libertos Club is a cosmopolitan Bar where you can enjoy all the best that the Albufeira’s night, in the Algarve, has to offer night, in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, creating the perfect harmony. Our team of professionals will make this house your home. In Liberto's Club you can enjoy your favorite after-dinner digestive listening to live music while relaxing on our comfortable lounge terrace. As the evening progresses, you can enjoy the animation that will certainly make your musical delights. Not to be missed are also our unique cocktails that make water grow in your mouth...

    Libertos Club hosts a variety of presentations related to music, fashion and sport. Which makes it the place to be by various public figures. For all this and beyond, there are plenty of surprises in Liberto's Club.

    Looking forward to your visit.